Sunny Nagam

Calgary, Alberta · (587) 703-5579 ·

Software Engineer · Web Developer · Machine Learning Engineer


Software Developer

Circle Cardiovascular

· Worked as a key member on the Full Stack team to develop C++ based Application and Server Backend as well as QML and React based Frontend.

· Updated company guidelines on new Git workflow and new internal tooling.

· Helped develop critical multithreaded Backend and Server interactions as well as Frontend React API endpoints for new product launch.

May 2021 - March 2022

Software Engineering Intern


· Worked with Supply Chain Optimization Technologies Group.

· Utilized Python, Tensorflow and various AWS technologies such as S3, Sagemaker, and DynamoDB.

· Applied Machine Learning algorithms such as Neural Networks and Random Forests to detect vendor charge back anomalies and improve Amazon operations.

June 2020 - Sept 2020

Software Engineering Intern

Pason Energy

· Utilized Python to develop software used daily in hundreds of oil rigs around the world.

· Utilized React and Git to help lead development on new web-page.

· Increased speed of testing new features with new method of mocking hardware.

May 2019 - June 2020

Software Engineer (Machine Learning) Intern

Hotchkiss Brain Institute

· Utilized Python and Tensorflow to construct multiple neural network architectures including Convolutional, Residual and Generative Adversarial Networks to detect multiple sclerosis in MRI scans of the brain.

· Improved model accuracy by 15%+ by implementing new input format and training process.

· Worked with a team of other developers to efficiently develop Machine Learning software.

May 2018 - May 2019

Marketing Representative

Beat Your Course

· Organized and communicated with managers to plan and ensure smooth operation of sessions

· Distributed advertisements to customers and students

Sept 2017 - July 2018

Co-Founder and Co-Manager

High School Computer Science Club

· Utilized leadership and team working skills to assist in development of computer games and building of arcade machine

· Taught and instructed club members during lunch hours to program in Java

· Supervised and helped organize club schedule and planned events

Sept 2015 - June 2016


University of Calgary

Bachelor of Science
Software Engineering

Sept 2016 - May 2021


  • Java
  • Python
  • TensorFlow
  • VueJS
  • React
  • Github


Gravity Dash

Unity3D, C#

2D puzzle game for iOS and Android with pyhsics engine and GUI programmed in C#.

Gravity assisted rocket puzzler!

Pants Or Shorts

Android Studio, Java

Android studio application using Open Weather API to tell user if they should wear pants or shorts.

Pants or shorts android app!

Drawing With Friends (Web App)

Node.js, Vue, MongoDB

Web app (mobile friendly) which lets users create rooms and invite other users to draw.

Draw with friends web app!

Twitter Joke Bot

Python, WebAPIs

Python script that integrates Twitter and Reddit REST API (OAuth 2.0) to parse user submitted jokes on reddit and submit them to twitter once a day.

Yes, it's basically a joke stealer, but I perfer the term 'curater'

3D Pool


3D desktop game with graphics and physics programmed in Java.

Fun fact: The 3D pool table model was generated with a painfully long and unnecessary number of transformation and translations of a single 2D png of a block of wood.

Community: Required Reading

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VueJS

Fanmade website for my favorite show, Community! A searchable index of all the pop culture refrences made in the show.

It wasn't until after the hackathon that I learned that no one codes in pure html, css and js anymore.

Comunly - Social Network

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

A social networking website made for a local hackathon, integrates Facebook and community voting to curate events in the area.

It wasn't until after the hackathon that I learned that no one codes in pure html, css and js anymore.

Esun Craft


2D Minecraft/Terraria inspired game with crafting, mining, combat, physics, and lighing engine programed in pure Java.

Yea this took a while, I guess I had alot more free time in Highschool.

Neural Digit Reader


Convolutional Neural Network which recognizes and identifies handwritten digits, GUI and network programmed from scratch in Java.

This took weeks to do from scratch but now can be done in tensorflow in like 7 lines in 3 minnutes.

Array Sorting Algorithm Visualizer


Java visualizes popular sorting algorithms in a colorful simulation. Utilizes multi-threading to allow more advanced GUI input and user control.

It's pretty mesmorizing actually.


When I'm not coding, I learn about how to program something else.

Other than coding I try places to eat around my city, chill with my friends, play my ukulele, rewatch sitcoms I've already seen on netflix, make fun spotify playlists, and frequent the local boardgame cafe.

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